Business Loans, Loans For Entrepreneurs, Capital For Growth.

Dear Business Owner… I don’t know if this applies to you… but if you need money to expand your business, or ramp things up, I might be able to help.
I might be able to arrange for you to get a loan of $25,000 up to $450,000.
It’s an unsecured loan. Very little paper work.
No interest for 6 months, maybe 18 months.
You have to pay it back within 7 years, on a fixed monthly payment plan.
You’ll need a good credit score.
But there are no up front fees.
and, it can be for any stage of your business, even startups.
If your credit score is not good enough, we can look at a co-signer.
There are no restrictions on how you use the funds.
Of course there are a few other considerations, but as near as possible, this is a “painless” loan for entrepreneurs, and business owners… for business purposes.
If you’re not in mood for a “capital infusion” right now, feel free to forward this on to someone who might be.
Reach out to me on linkedin, or call me on the phone number below.
Success to you.
Linwood Austin
Phone: 801-895-9598


You should if you’ve got a plan that works, and you need capital to jump-start things.

You should if you’re growing or expanding your business.

You should if you’ve got everything else lined up, but now you need to fund it all.

You can use the funds for buying inventory, marketing, expenses, leverage, arbitrage situations, buying time, growth, you name it.

They say “Time Is Money” and sometimes, money is time.