MY PREDICTIONS FOR 2020

  1. In the realm of politics: I expect we’ll get more politics. Can you believe it?
    More lying, backstabbing, pandering, bellyaching, palm-greasing, bribery, pay-to-play, excusing, character assassinations, as well as some real ones with dead bodies strown about.
  2. In the realm of taxes. Definitely my crystal balls says “look out”. And, “Oh God.”
    It seems dem dare “spenders of taxes” don’t know how to quit spending it. Can’t get enough. So, your taxes are going scalping high. Property taxes. Fees. Permits. Tickets. Citations. Assessments. Adjustments. Renewals. Late fees. Penalty. Inflation. Funny how many names they can come up with for ways to separate you from your purchasing power.
  3. Wall Street? Look for more Pelaton action
  4. Inflation? Since so much money has gone, (so far) into stocks, military spending, housing, and higher education, and health care racketeering, expect some price action on beans and peanut butter, real soon
  5. Hollywood? They will still shove PC movies our way, boring, unrealistic, crap like robots kissing robots
  6. Kansas and West Virginia? They’ll still wonder “What the hell is wrong with you people?
  7. And if you really want to be up on current events, grab a copy of The Fall Of The Roman Empire.

    Or, you can ignore the circus and get back to work in making your future look bright. Read. Practice. Tinker.
    Let’s talk.

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