The Secret Of That 12-Page Letter That Asked Only For $5.

We were talking about that letter that got up to 32% response on some lists. And how powerful it is to use 12 pages of ad copy to ask for $5. But what I didn’t tell you is that the client told me, “That letter is just the beginning.” His real goal is to send out a new offer every 3 weeks to those who sent him the $5. In other words, get them in the door then,

You have to know, he is not getting rich off the $5 “donation” from that initial 12-page letter. But he is making a boat load of profits off the BACK END SALES, the follow-up campaigns.
You have to know, hardly anyone can live off front-end sales. You MUST have a plan to work the back end.
You can even lose money off the initial marketing effort. But if you carefully make new offers to your clients as they come in the door, you quickly make up for any loses you incurred to get them in the door.
You see, nobody buys JUST ONE of anything. If they buy one wig, they’ll buy 5 eventually. If they buy one Ford truck, they’ll buy one every few years. If they buy one business opportunity, they’ll buy a few more as they go along.
The real marketing trick is to have a plan to sell them over and over again. The 12-page letter is just the…

If you need help creating your initial plan to get them in the door…

Or, if you need help creating a “follow-up” plan to get them buying from you again and again, reach out to me. It’s what I do.

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P.S. I’m serious about this topic. If you want to make a decent amount of money, no matter what your industry, this “follow-up” idea is key. There is a company out there, that has mastered this “follow-up” thing, and over the years, they typically bring in about $ ONE MILLION DOLLARS PER EMPLOYEE PER YEAR. Nothing to sneeze at.

This “follow-up” thing will work in any business, any industry. Let’s talk.