TWEE tips on marketing that just came to my attention:

  1. Never forget that “people” won’t read all that crap you have to say about your product or service. And that you are NOT advertising to mere “people”. No. You are advertising your message to someone who magically entered into the zone of “PROSPECT”… they use to be a “people” but for some strange reason, (they just got some unexpected money they’ve got to spend, they just got smacked with a lawsuit, they now feel the pressure to conform to something, etc.) they’ve gone beyond “people” into being A REAL PROSPECT FOR YOURS SERVICE. It’s THOSE people who will read all the crap you’re yakking on about. You’re not advertising to people, but to prospects. And prospects are flat out hungry for information before they hit that shopping cart button.
  2. Regarding your own website, at least make your words EASY TO READ… no fancy fonts, no white text on black background, no artistic “twicks”…just make it all EASY to read. Including short words. Short sentences. Graphics or photos that make sense.
  3. And for Pete’s sake, give your prospect a call to action. Keep in mind, if they are 90% sold, you still will not get the sale. No good
    I’ve been doing this a long time. Reach out to me for help. Do it now. We can talk by phone.