Ya Gotta Watch Those Bankers…

The first great John Wayne movie was STAGECOACH (1939).

It seems all great movies have that “epic journey” plot built into them. And all great movies usually have 3 or 4 subplots weaved into the basic storyline and the plots crisscross once or twice before the end.

One of the subplots in Stagecoach, was that one of the passengers on the stage was the guy who ran the bank. Seems he had just stolen all of the town’s money and was trying to get far away.

Those were the days when real money was gold or silver.

Nowadays, money is just digits on a computer screen.

The great story of our day is this subplot of the bankers’ bad behavior and them trying to get away with the loot.

You can see it in the so-called “overnight repo market”.

Those bankers are in such bad shape they have to borrow billions every night just to keep the lights on. Meanwhile, the guy who stole the dough is on a stagecoach to nowhere trying to get away.

If you’re going to be successful in business, you’ve got to keep an eye on the bankers. They are a major source of economic shifts in the marketplace. One wrong interest point swing and entire industries can be formed or collapsed.

Just ten years ago, many entrepreneurs were “banking” on the real estate market continually rising. Blindsided is the word…

P.S. What I’m really driving at, is this: if you want to be successful, you must be good at forecasting. You’re forecasting markets, buying trends, hopes, dreams, headwinds, everything.

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