“Can A 22-Year Old Classified Ad For a Lincoln Continental Turn Your Car Dealership Around? Even If You Don’t Sell Lincolns? You Bet It Can”—Here’s How:

Dear Car Dealer, Own or GM,

People Will Not Read Long Winded Ads, — But Prospects Will. Remember “classified advertising” in old newspapers? A typical classified ad, selling a car, or real estate, or whatever, would have maybe ten words in the ad. Most folks believe a ten-word ad is about right.

Not me.

I say, “the more ya tell, the more ya sell.”

Here is a true story:

1998 Jet Black Lincoln

Back in the 1990’s– I had a car dealer in Canada for an advertising client.
We did some great advertising for him. We sold a lot of cars with our “story appeal” ads.
But here’s a twist…
When I first showed up… he had this big black Lincoln on the showroom floor that just would not move. It was his last one. The new models were on the way.
I said,  “Let me take a crack at it.”
So I wrote the classified ad below.

Not a 10-word ad, but an ad that had 352 words.
He ran it one day (Sunday) and said his phone was ringing off the
hook for that car.

He even said someone at his church said they saw the ad
and “Hey, that sounds like a nice car.”

The car sold days later.

Take at look at the ad below.
You’ll see why the car sold so quickly—because

I “SOLD” the benefits of the car.

I “SOLD” the offer.

I “SOLD” now, as the time.

Let’s talk.
Linwood Austin
PHONE: 801-895-9598

EMAIL: Yourlinwood@gmail.com (If you email me, put 10 X’s in the subject line, so I want accidentally delete your message. XXXXXXXXXX. Yes, I do, I get a fair amount of “junk” email, but some of it is important, like yours.)

P.S. After you read through the ad, I have some random notes and ideas, related to the ad, (below) as to how you can improve sales for your own dealership. Check ‘em out and get back to me.

Jet Black
1998 Lincoln Continental.
This is the car that has been
outselling Cadillac all over
the county. Why? Because is
such a fine car. The light grey
interior is beautiful with leather
everywhere; seats, steering wheel,
arm rests. And this Lincoln has
power locks, windows, mirrors,
and seat adjustments that give
your aching back perfect comfort.
And the seats are heated. How’s
that for yummy? The Dolby sound
system is fabulous for any radio
station, cassette or CD you wish
to play. The dash board indicators
is like a space age cock pit, telling
you miles per gallon, miles to empty,
and so many other details you’d think
the Lincoln has a computer on board.
And you’d be right. It makes driving
almost worry free. It has a huge amount
of trunk space that can hold 9 sets of
golf clubs. And it has a keyless entry
system right on the door so you can’t
lock yourself out. It has bright, bright
cornering lamps to illuminate any turn
and too may other features to list here.
It comes complete with a 80,000 km warranty.
Plus, a 4-year FREE maintenance agreement.
The front wheel drive on this Lincoln means
snow and ice is no problem compared to other
cars. And get this: This is a $56,000 car.
But it’s our last one so we’ve cut the price
to $49,000 and the manufacturer has agreed
to a $5,000 rebate. That means you pay only
$44,000 for an amazing driving machine that’s
sure to give you years and years of driving
pleasure. We suggest you bring $2,000 down.
But, we’ll try to work out whatever arrangements
you want. But you must hurry. It is rare to find
a deal this good. And we only have one. You can
see this car at the Royal Ford show room across
from the Holiday Inn on Broadway in Yorkton. Most
of our other cars are indoors at the West Broadway
Mall. But this shiny black Lincoln was too special
to move over there. Decide now to own this fine,
fine automobile. Royal Ford, Yorkton. (306) 555-2261


  1. The more you tell, the more you sell.
  2. Selling takes place IN THEIR MIND… and what better way to stimulate their mind with BUYING EMOTIONS than, in the comfort of their own home, when they “feel” like they are not talking to a “salesman” but instead, they are just gathering information. (It’s a “feeling” right?
  3. People did not read this ad, but PROSPECTS DID. Screw “people”… you’re not advertising to “people”… you’re only advertising to PROSPECTS… and prospects are, honestly, HUNGRY FOR INFORMATION. And they are HUNGRY for a story, a story that justifies what they already want to do…buy a new car.
  4. There is a lot of story appeal in this ad. Stories of who loves this car, how you can enjoy it, it’s safety, roominess, etc. STORY APPEAL sells.
  5. People talk about this kind of ad… no one talks about those car ads that are just “picture and price.”
  6. Regarding your website… here is a search engine RANKING secret: These words you use, in your ads… will actually help you get better rankings on Google, Bing, etc. How? Because the search engines don’t know what to do with just a picture and price, ads. But “words”… NOW WE’RE TALKING… the algorithms love words. They rank words.

OK, I need a second cup of coffee to really get my day started.

Let me hear from you.

Linwood Austin
PHONE: 801-895-9598