Donald Trump, spent 37¢ out of every $1, in DIRECT MAIL… AND GOOGLE spends lots of money on DIRECT MAIL… what the heck?

Donald Trump, spent 37¢ out of every $1, in DIRECT MAIL… AND GOOGLE.. what the heck?

For ever dollar in advertising, Trump spent .37 cents in direct mail.
Google … you might have heard of them… some big shot INTERNET company… wants YOU to spend money on ONLINE marketing, but they spend plenty of money in old fashion DIRECT MAIL.

What’s going on here????

Listen… I’m thinking your making a mistake if you ignore direct mail.

There are HUGE markets out there… untapped by most so-called “online” marketers.

The biggest fear young marketers have, regarding “direct mail” is the cost. Right?

Direct mail, looks expensive. But only if you don’t measure things in cost per lead and cost per sale.

“Free” online advertising, is time-consuming, and your time must be worth something, right?

If you pay yourself, $10 bucks an hour, and it takes you 10 hours of online-screwing-around, to get one lead… then your ad costs are $100 bucks per lead, right?

If you buy clicks… at $10 per click, (some keywords actually cost more) you can blow through $1,000 dollars… and only get 100 people to see your message.

With direct mail, postage, envelope, printing, and list rental… might give you 1,000 people seeing your message for the same costs.

The thing is… you need to do LIST RESEARCH.
There are all kinds of names available.
Everything from Republicans to deer hunters, from high-net worth home owners to folks 91-days late on a credit card, from furniture buyers to folks who just moved into a new apartment.

One direct mail marketer I know said “ONLINE MARKETING HAS TOO MANY MOVING PARTS”.

I wonder what he meant by that?

Anyway, if you want to chat about old fashion direct mail marketing, I’m game.

Carry on.
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