How To Sell More Used Cars This Year, Even If You Are Surrounded By Competitors Hawking The Same Cars You’re Selling.

This is Clyde Bedell.


“In 1935 Ford Motor Company had been Getting Their Butt Kicked by GM Every Year… For Nearly 10 Years… Then they hired this man…”

This is Clyde Bedell.

Keep in mind that 1935 was the middle of the “Great Depression.” Tough times. Even for GM, but especially for Ford. But… keep reading…

Mr. Bedell was famous for his advertising genius. His advertising techniques had generated millions upon millions of dollars in sales and profits for a great variety of marketers in all kinds of industries. FINALLY… When Ford Motor Company hired him in 1935, he used a simple, but powerful “overlooked” marketing technique to SKYROCKET Ford’s sales and profits FAST.

Listen…For the first time in ten years Ford outsold General Motors. And it was all due to this simple marketing “trick” that anyone can use—in any industry… any kind of business… in any economy.

In 1934… Before Bedell’s help… Ford only sold 108,000 cars.

In 1935… After Bedell applied his magic… Ford sold some 820,000 cars.

Using Bedell’s advertising methodsThey got 8 times more sales in one year.

If you want to sell more cars… RIGHT NOW… THIS YEAR… I’m here to tell you, Bedell’s methods still work after all these years.

If you want to know what Bedell’s methods are all about… you can discover it all for yourself, in one of three ways.

  1. You can buy an old (1963) advertising book by Bedell called HOW TO CONVERT WHITE SPACE INTO ADVERTISING THAT SELLS. It will cost you $149. Plus shipping. I know Mr. Bedell’s son. He’s in his 80’s. But he still has some old copies of his father’s great advertising course.
  2. Or, you can give me a call, and I’ll reveal Mr’s Bedell’s method and you’ll see for yourself, “WHY OF COURSE, THAT MAKES PERFECT SENSE.” It will only take me about 15-20 minutes to explain how he did it and why it worked so well.
  3. Finally, you can hire me to create your ads based on Bedell’s principles, and watch your car sales skyrocket almost over night. Keep in mind, I don’t care if you’re advertising on facebook, instagram, yahoo, craigslist, your own website or the newspaper… BEDELL’S ADVERTISING TECHNIQUES will “kick butt” for you, and steal customers from your toughest competitors.

Of course, you might be saying, Mr. Bedell sold NEW CARS in 1935.. with Ford…

MY REPLY: “Ahhhhhh… yes… you’re right. But, his methods work for used cars too.”

GET THIS… A few years after he did his magic for FORD in 1935… he created a “phrase bank” of advertising words and phrases, that any car dealer can use to sell used cars. Ford was so impressed with this 32-page book of ad words… that they instantly gave him a check for $35,000 so that it would not fall into the hands of Ford’s competitors, including GM.

Listen, $35,000 is like A MILLION DOLLARS in today’s money. When you factor in all the inflation we’ve had. But Ford instantly saw the value in this book that Bedell had just compiled.

I have a copy of this publication from all those years ago. I’m thrilled to have it. You see, I’m Clyde Bedell’s most famous student.

My point here is that, IF YOU WANT TO SELL MORE CARS.. this year. And next year, and so on… THIS is the way to do it.

Most used car ads… (like the ones above) all across the country have a picture of the car, and a price, and maybe the monthly payment. NO. NO. NO…. you can’t defeat the competition and win more sales by doing exactly what they are doing.

I’ll put you in the drivers seat… and reveal… everything you need to know to SELL MORE USED CARS this year, and beyond… using Clyde Bedell’s advertising techniques.

Let’s talk.

Linwood Austin

Phone: 801-895-9598


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