THE HONEY PRINCIPLE Can Steal Profits and Kill Your Business Dreams.

I’ve seen this a time or two, in my years of being a direct response copywriter. I take on a special project, spend a month writing “killer copy”… turn it in and the boss says, “Great, looks great, wow, it’s great, I’ll call you in the morning.”
So he takes the ad/sales letter home, shows it to his wife, or secretary, or niece who answers the phone, and he says “Honey, how do you like it?”
Then, she says “Ewwwoo, it’s too salesy.”
And the “honey” kills the whole damn marketing campaign.
It’s almost laughable.
The other day, I mentioned a 12-page sales letter that asks for $5. It’s one of those kind of letters. A REAL PROSPECT would love the offer and thus the letter.
But someone who is NOT a prospect, would go nuts finding fault with the letter.
Want to see the letter? I can message it to you.
Anyway, be wary of THE HONEY PRINCIPLE.
At least test the damn letter to see if it’s a cash-producer.
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