“There is not a damn dime’s worth of difference between these car ads”

How To Sell More Cars And Trucks This Year, Than You’ve Ever Sold Before, Even If All Your Competitors Think The Economy Is Just Too Down In The Dumps To Expect Growing Sales And Profits. –

Check out this useless car/truck ad:


I’m telling you, these ads are lazy, useless, costing the dealership tons of money in lost opportunity.

Pay attention, I’m going to try to reveal, everything you’ll need to know about automobile advertising that will SKYROCKET YOUR SALES AND PROFITS.

Let’s begin in a moment, when I get back.

Friday, January 17th, 1:37 P.M.

2:41 P.M. I’m back for a second, think about this:

One of the problems with these ads, is that they did NOT use the word YOU anywhere in the ad. And ya know, “YOU” is truthfully the most powerful word in the marketers took kit.

Another problem with these ads is this: These ads ONLY work with someone who is basically ALREADY SOLD and is just looking for a “price”.

What about the thousands of folks out there who are sitting on the fence? They not totally sold on getting a new(er) car, they are just thinkin’ about it. Will anything in these ads push them off the fence and into your showroom? Nah.

Another problem with these ads, is this: There are some 31 different selling elements you can and should stuff into your ads to get MAXIMUM results. Elements like news, curiosity, guarantees, benefits, story appeal, THE WORD YOU or YOURS, limited availability, endorsements, etc. But these ads are weak, and lazy.

Hold on… I’ll be back in a bit.

2:50 P.M.

Saturday Morning, 6:03 A.M.

One cup of coffee so far.

Back to my thoughts about getting better response to your ads.

The reason these “lazy” ads work, if they do, is that everyone is doing it, and so, the car buyer, is never really sucked into the vortex of a strong ad that actually speaks to his heart and soul, speaks to his emotions.

Take a look:

Picture and price.

Picture and price.

Picture and price.

None of these guys has put much “SELL” in these ads, and so the car buyer cannot get any “sell” out of them.

So, the prospective car buyer, is sitting around in his kitchen looking at these ads… and what does he say to himself?????

He says “Oh, I like the font on this ad so I’m going to go shopping for my car there.”

Do you get it??? There is nothing in these ads to sell you on either the individual car or the dealership… or NOW as the time, or that you’ll be thrilled to buy it there… or your life won’t ever be the same, if you miss this opportunity.

What’s going on here is — WASTED SELLING OPPORTUNITY.

The same 225 people in town, will see all four of these ads. And out of 225… 17 folks might be in the market for a new(er) car. And so, those 17 folks glance at these ads… glance, I say, because there is nothing really to stop them in their tracks, make them really ponder and consider the offer, and nothing to make them TAKE ACTION either now, or later.

Let’s just take ONE LITTLE ELEMENT we could add to any of these ads to give them a real kick, to boost their selling power…

What if… what if we put a human face in one of the ads? OMG, that is different.

What if… what if we put a message under that face as if the guy or gal really had something to say… OMG that is different.

What if… what if we put a SIGNATURE under the message, as if we IMPLY he/she is GUARANTEEING what was just said…OMG that is different.

What’s this? An ad message from a real human? A human who really believes in his company? A human who will lay it on the line? A human who is willing to speak to me, with real words and not just pictures and BIG FONTS?

I’ve told you about Clyde Bedell before. He’s the guy who saved Ford’s butt in 1935. Bedell concluded that there are 6 FOUNDATIONAL TRUTHS to all good advertising.

One of the Foundational Truths is this: “People” will not read long winded ad messages… BUT COME CLOSER MY FRIEND… HERE’S THE GOOD PART… “Prospects will.”

Again, “people will not read long a long-winded ad message but PROSPECTS will.

It’s a very important concept for Car Dealers to grasp.

You see, a “prospect” for a Safari Trip to Africa will read any amount of ad copy about this trip, as long as the ad copy is HELPFUL AND INTERESTING.

So, if you want to speak to prospective car buyers, your message WILL BE READ, as long as YOUR message is helpful and interesting… get it?

Check this out: TWO MORE LAZY ADS…

Look at this ad above, the “Beat The Heat” ad.

He’s got a car in there for $6,000 and another for $14,000… but get this… the damn fool used the exact same amount of words to sell both cars.

Three words to sell a $6,000 car.

And three words to sell a $14,000 car.

It would make sense, that if one car cost twice as much, it should have twice as much selling copy, right?

But no, Danny thinks selling is easy. Picture and Price. That’s all ya need.

Listen, if you want to sell more cars from your advertising efforts, YOU MUST PUT MORE “SELL” INTO YOUR ADS.

Let’s say, you only have one competitor in town.

And Let’s say there are 6 car buyers in your whole town this week, and all 6 see your ad, and your competitor’s ad.. and your ad actually speaks to his real buying emotions… and you get a few more of those 6 guys to come to your store and BUY… that means… you’re stealing customers from your competitor. It means YOU GET THE CASH and they get NOTHING… and they can’t pay the rent with nothing. Get it?

How many MORE cash-paying, real customers do you need to drive your competitors crazy?

YA GOTTA KNOW: Every ONE customer you suck away from them, really hurts their bottom line. Not only does it starve them of cash flow, but when you think about it… it even makes their advertising more expensive. How?

Let’s say you pay $1,000 bucks for your ad, and they pay $1,000 bucks for their ad. If both ads are the same, “picture and price” VS. “picture and price”…. maybe, you’ll both get 3 visitors each to come to your dealership.

So, in real advertising costs, you’re paying about $300 per lead.

What if you get 4 of the 6 car-buying visitors to your showroom, then your competitor will only get 2 visitors… You’ve just cut your advertising costs, by about 20% (YOU SAVE)… and you’ve made your competitor’s ad cost ALMOST double.

Can you see the long term impact here?

Another reason you need to put more “SELL” into your ads is this: Your own salesmen are lazy too. They have off days. They get bamboozled by prospective customers who know how to play them.

But if your ad… has “SELL”… has Story Appeal… is helpful… is interesting… the prospective buyer, sits there with your ad and doesn’t think that he’s sitting with a salesman. He thinks, he just gathering information, and is making up his mind on his own. So his guard is down.

If you’ve done your job with the ad, the prospect’s mind is MADE UP, and he wants the car, and your salesman hardly has to do anything, except not piss the customer off.

OK, It’s 3 minutes after 8 in the morning. I’ve got to start the bacon. And the pancakes. And get the farm animals feed.

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P.S. One more thing, since all these ads are the same, they are very dependent on external forces … so success or failure is not in their control. For example, if interest rates go up or down, it effects them. But If.. If.. If… they actually put more SELL into their advertising/marketing effort, they could control their own destiny more easily. Just thinking.

Linwood Austin