DIRECT MAIL is still the overlooked darling of the marketing world.

If you have a bunch of customers, you can make money by renting your names to anyone who want to mail to them.

Here’s why:

  1. The more mail they get, the more they respond to your offer too.
    I had a client years ago, who had 10 MILLION customer names on file.
    They split their company into 3 different branches. Three different company names, with three different addresses. Each company had a manager. And the manager’s job was to get a new piece of mail out to the whole list every day. So, those 10 MILLION NAMES were getting at least 3 pieces of mail every day.
    BUT — they also rented their names to ANYONE who wanted to mail to them. They got 15¢ a name for list rental. So… those folks were getting some 10 to 30 pieces of mail EVERY DAY.
    ONE DAY at a board meeting, they wondered if their folks were getting “TOO MUCH” mail??? So, as a test, they split their names. They withheld 1 MILLION names from the rental market. So, those folks were only getting 3 pieces of mail each day. While the rest of the names got lots and lots of mail.
    Well… after a few months they noticed that the response rates on the ONE MILLION names went down, down, down. But the rest of the names responded to their offers just like always. So they said, “Screw this.” and put all the names back up on the rental market and
    THEY PROVED that the more mail they got, the more their responded to their own inhouse offers.
  2. I have seen with my own eyes, that folks who “claimed” that they hated getting so much “junk mail” would go to the trouble of getting taken off all mailing lists. Then, when they went to the mail box each day, they felt disappointment. So, they called up and re-ordered this or that catalog and starting getting lots of mail again. They never tried to get off the lists again.
  3. Renting out your list is gravy money. Depending on your names you could get 10¢ … 15¢… maybe even $1 per name for list rentals. Gravy money.


Call me, if you have a list of OPPORTUNITY SEEKERS… I’ll connect you with a LIST BROKER who manages income opportunity seekers mailing lists.

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